Melon exports resume in Myanmar-China border


Exports of watermelon and muskmelon across the Myanmar-China border in Muse have resumed on 15 March after a delay period caused by the COVID-19, according to Myanmar Watermelon and Muskmelon Exporters and Producers Association (MWMEP).
The association’s chairman, U Naing Win, said: “Around 400 trucks began operating again starting from 15 March, cargo split equally between the two melon varieties, and purchasing from China has resumed as well”.
Rumours halted buyers from China for a while on 18 March, but business resumed again in a short while. “There are many rumours circulating, so I want cultivators to listen for factual news and ask the broker’s sales center they work with for any news,” said U Naing Win.
Myanmar exported around 600-700 trucks of watermelon and muskmelon per day to China before the Chinese New Year and the outbreak of COVID-19.
There are approximately 100,000 acres of watermelon plantations and 35,000 acres of muskmelon plantations in Myanmar. They are mainly exported to China, followed by Hong Kong and Singapore. Exports of the melons in 2016-2017 FY reached over 660,000 tonnes for watermelons (USD 76.874 million) and over 120,000 tonnes for muskmelons (USD 24.842 million).
Export numbers rose in the next financial year, with over 800,000 tonnes of watermelons sent abroad and garnering USD 77.46 million while over 120,000 tonnes of muskmelons were exported for USD 25.77 million.
Watermelon exports dropped down a few digits in 2018-2019 FY when over 750,000 tonnes of watermelons were exported for USD 66.4529 million. Meanwhile, muskmelon exports increased to over 150,000 tonnes and garnered USD 32.2345 million.
In the latest financial year, watermelon exports reached around 320,000 tonnes from the start of the financial year until 3 February 2020 while over 36,000 tonnes of muskmelons were exported.—Min Thit (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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