Myanma Thanaka Day to be launched in five townships

Myanma Thanaka Day will be launched on 26 February in five townships, said Chairman U Kyaw Moe (Ahyardaw) of Myanmar Thanaka Association.
“The five townships which will celebrate the Myanma Thanaka Day are Ahyardaw, Shwebo, Yesagyo, Myaing and Pauk townships. Myanma Thanaka Day aims to sustain the traditional culture, to prevent Thanaka cosmetics that are not genuine Thanaka. For all Myanmar people to appreciate Myanma Thanaka,” he added.
The Thanaka day will also include other performances such as offering to Buddha of candles with Thanaka scent, offering to Buddha Thanaka fragrance, pouring fragrant water onto the Buddha Statues, offering Satuditha (charity food) and distributing Thanaka awareness information handouts and stickers.
Likewise, Myanmar submitted Thanaka as a world’s intangible cultural heritage to be nominated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at the end of March.
“Now, suppose we can prevent the so-called Thanaka cosmetics being sold in the local Thanaka market. In that case, our Thanaka market will be famous and get high demand,” he highlighted.
Thanaka is cultivated mostly in Yinmabin, Kani, Hsalingyi, Ahyardaw, Monywa, Budalin and Chaung-U townships. Among them, Ahyardaw has more acres of Thanaka plantations with over 100,000 acres. Thanaka is sent to Monywa, Mandalay, Yangon and Pakokku townships. Local growers mainly sell Thanaka at pagodas and markets, U Kyaw Moe explained.
Thanaka, a yellowish-white paste made from ground bark, is a natural cosmetic used in Myanmar. Thanaka is a typical face lotion of Myanmar women. — Hmway Kyu Zin (Translated by HM)

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