Myanmar students excel in science competition

  • Interview with outstanding students in the 6th ASEAN Plus Junior Science ODYSSEY

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The sixth ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science ODYSSEY (APTJSO) was held from July 10-15 in Hanoi, Viet Nam.
Odyssey is an annual competition organized for gifted and talented students in the science and technology fields, and is aimed at nurturing future scientists and engineers.
Outstanding students from Myanmar won 8 prizes in the competition. The following are interviews with them.
Q : Could you tell me how you entered the 6th ASEAN Plus Junior Science ODYSSEY (APTJSO)?
Ma Su Swe Zin : I passed the examination with flying colours in the 2016-2017 academic year and was selected as an outstanding student to enter the 6th ASEAN Plus Junior Science ODYSSEY (APTJSO), in Hanoi, Viet Nam.

Q : How did you sit for this competition after you had been selected as a candidate?
Ma Khin Yadanar Phyo San : There were, altogether, six of us in the group and we entered the competition, under the supervision of Dr. Than Htike Soe and Dr. Moe Thu, who are Principals of No. 11, B.E.H.S (11), Mandalay and Yangon Institute of Education Practising School.

Q : Could you tell us the number of participant countries and who the winners were?
Ma Soe Yadanar Phyo : Besides the ASEAN ten countries, there were Tai Pei China, South-Korea, and Sweden.
Ma Kyal Zin Lin lat : We won eight types of prizes. As for me, I won the bronze medal in the project presentation, as well as the silver medal for my project and poster presentations.

Q : How did you make your preparations in order to win the prizes, and what were the challenges you faced in the competition?

Ma Su Swe Zin : We earned gold medal in the poster presentation, which was made in Myanmar. We drew pictures of flower vases, chairs and dust bins in the poster, which was made from recycled plastic cans, bottles and tyres.
Ma Khin Yadanar Phyo San : My group won a gold medal in the competition, as a result, I felt excited. Finally, we did well.
Ma Soe Yadanar Phyo : My group won a bronze medal in the Bio Laboratory Skill. We had to perform practical experiments, including in biology, chemistry and physics, with three hours in the laboratory. We were not familiar with these kind of experiments in school. But we tried our best to do well in it.
Ma Kyel Zin Lin Lat : I had to compete with many students from different countries. We entered the competitions by drawing lots. I won a silver medal in my project presentation, and a bronze medal in the landscape presentation. I received a lot of experiences, which were very valuable in my life.

Q : What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Ma Su Swe Zin : I am afraid that I am weak in spoken English. The main gap was when many students from other countries took advantage of their computer literacy in the competition.

Ma Khin Yadanar Phyo San : I think a good command of English plays a vital role in this IT age. Moreover, I am aware that we are weak in using laboratory skills. That’s why we should try to make the best use of our abilities.

Q : What do you want to say to inspire junior students?
Ma Soe Yadanar Phyo : Being outstanding students, we had a great chance to enter the competition. I would like to urge them to study English and international affairs regularly, besides their homework.
Ma Kyal Zin Lin Lat : Our group, which was comprised of six students, competed under the title “ASEAN Plus Three Juniors” in the contest. Furthermore, we gained victory what we deserved in it. That’s why I’d like to encourage my junior students to study diligently.
Q : What do you want to say to express your gratitude and appreciation?
Ma Su Swe Zin : I would like to say words of thanks to our government, the ministry for education, all our teachers and parents, who support me in everything we needed.
Ma Khin Yadanar Phyo San : I am much obliged to all our teachers and my parents, who fulfilled all my needs during the competition. I want to share words of encouragement to my younger brothers and sisters. “Victory is within your reach, as long as you try hard”.

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Students give thumb-up in front of signboard at the 6th ASEAN Plus 3 Junior Science ODYSSEY (APTJSO) was held from July 10-15 in Hanoi. Photo: Hla Moe

By Nanda Win,
Win Win Maw

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