Myanmar-Thailand friendship caravan tour visits Loikaw

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Friendship caravan tour visiting Loikaw. Photo: Ko Sai (Loikaw)

A friendship caravan tour comprising 28 men and three women, led by Mr. Phanudate Chaisgoon visited Myanmar by three cars and 22
motorcycles. The caravan crossed over into Myanmar at BP-13, Thailand-Myanmar border gate in Khun Yuam town, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.
The friendship caravan visited Myanmar under the permission of Kayah State government. The friendship caravan tour was arranged by Amazing Kayah Travel and Tours Co., Ltd., based in Loikaw Town, and Mae Hong Son T.N & Family Tours Co., Ltd., based in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.
The trip started on 11 August and ended on 14 August. The friendship caravan visited significant places in southern Shan State and Kayah State and enjoyed local Kayah traditional foods.
The friendship caravan visited Seven Stage Lake in Dimawhso Township, Thiri Mingalar market, Lawpita hydropower plant and famous places in Loikaw Town. They also visited Htee Se Khar waterfall, 15 miles north of Loikaw, near the Shan and Kayah states border.
The friendship caravan left Loikaw and went back to Thailand through Khun Yuam town, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.


Ko Sai (Loikaw)

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