Myanmar to export over 200,000 tonnes of sugarcane to China in 2020-2021FY

Myanmar will export over 200,000 tonnes of sugarcane to China via Lwejel border camps in 2020-2021 financial year, according to Myanmar Sugar and Sugarcane Product Entrepreneurs Association (MSSPEA).
To export over 200,000 tonnes of sugarcane, a local company will buy sugarcane from the local fields near Lwejel border region to ship them to China.
Sugarcane will be exported as a raw material when Myanmar could not export sugar to China.
“The local company, named 7 Force, will export sugarcane. The company has also grown the sugarcane. The company will also buy the sugarcane from the local growers whose farmlands are far away from sugar mills,” stated the MSSPEA.
The company will buy the sugarcane for K40,000 per tonne and sell it back to China for K80,000 per tonne.
The export of 200,000 tonnes of sugarcane to China is equivalent to the export of about 20,000 tonnes of sugar.
This year, there are over 430,000 acres of sugarcane cultivation across the county. The sugar mills expect to produce over 4 million tonnes of sugar in 2020-2021, according to the Agricultural Department. —Aye Maung  (Translated by Hay Mar)

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