New car parking system to start in Yangon

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Experts from Shin Watahan pose for a photo infront of the demonstrative mechanical car parking system. Photo: Ko Htwe

By Ko Htwe
A mechanical car parking system which takes up a small amount of space but can accommodate up to 15 cars will be introduced in Yangon.
The Shin Ye Htut Group, a local company, and the Watahan Company, a Japanese corporation, demonstrated the mechanical car parking system yesterday at a workshop in Mingalardon Township in Yangon.
“To assemble the Mechanical Car Parking System as you see today, we had sent Myanmar experts to Japan for three months. We want the car parking system to be changed systematically in Yangon in the democratic government,” said U Ye Htut, Chairman of Shin Ye Htut Company.
The two companies, merged as Shin Watahan, established a workshop after they imported the required machinery and technology from Japan to be able to produce not only a Mechanical Car Parking System but also a Relocation Car Parking System.
The workshop has drawn interest since November 2016, when it was established. In the initial stage, the company imports all the necessary tools and assembles the Mechanical Car Parking System with Japan and Myanmar experts.
“At present, all the parts are imported. Later, we plan to produce the iron bean in Myanmar that can reduce the price,” said U Ye Htut, adding that they plan to transform the current workshop into a huge factory.
According to the company, the Mechanical Car Parking System is being used mostly in  condominium buildings in Japan.  The new company starts its market in Myanmar and then expands into South East Asia. The next market is going to be set up in Thailand.
“I saw many cars parked on the streets in Yangon. It is dangerous. I want all cars to be in parking places. I want Myanmar to make the regulations for it. I wish Myanmar to implement the systematic car parking system,” said Mr Yoshiharu Okabe, Managing Director of Shin Watahan Company, who pointed out Yangon would need to quickly implement the car parking system to ease heavy traffic.
Mr Yoshiharu Okabe said the company has plans to share the technology with Myanmar as it is started from very detailed work and is now an easy system initiated in Japan.
The Mechanical Car Parking System comes in different in sizes to be able to set up in different unoccupied areas and can be handled easily without affecting the environment. It currently costs US$7,000 but will cost only US$5,000 if assembled in Myanmar. Maintenance costs are US$10 per month.

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