New Democracy Party (Kachin) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

New Democracy Party (Kachin)Chairman U Tein Saung presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 5 October.

Esteemed citizens of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, I wish the peace of mind and sound health to all of you.
I am Chairman U Tein Saung of the New Democracy Party (Kachin). Our party has registered as a political party and been approved at registration number 119 on 29 August 2019.

Esteemed people
Our nation is independent, and sovereignty flows in our air, our water and our land. The hundreds of ethnic groups living together in our country are the original possessors of the State power.
The residents of the townships of Waingmaw, Chipwe, Hsawlaw and Ingyanyan included in the 18 municipalities of Kachin State have been peacefully working and living on their own from the time Myanmar gained independence from the English colonialist in 1948 to 1960.
Armed conflicts arose all over Kachin State to rebel against the government after 1960. Every person from villages to towns was affected by war without exception.
Soon, the leadership of the wise ethnic leaders of what would become Kachin Special Region-1 was able to sign an agreement for peace with the military government on 15 January 1990 and designated Waingmaw, Chipwe and Hsawlaw townships as Kachin Special Region-1 as peace regions. We have also defined Ingyanyan Township as our campaign region.
Our party is based on the local nationalities of the aforementioned regions, and pledge to work together with them to benefit the area and elevate their living standards, ensure basic needs are met. Human rights and democratic rights are also guaranteed.

Party policy and work programmes
Esteemed people

Our party’s objectives are:

• To work together with the people to establish genuine and lasting peace.
• To establish an eternal society free of armed conflicts.
• To ensure equal rights and balanced development for all ethnic groups.
• To perpetuate a democratic union based on federalism.
Our party believes in upholding the three national causes of ‘non-disintegration of the union, ethnic solidarity and lasting sovereignty’ as a national duty. We believe practising self-determination in a federal system will allow proper management for regional development and successful implementation of the three national responsibilities.

Esteemed people
Our party’s basic policies are:
We will work for the benefit the party’s designated campaign locations of Waingmaw, Chipwe, Sawtlaw and Ingyinyan townships whose residents our party is based on.
We will implement democratic practices to benefit the region, the people and the nation.
We will work together with the people for lasting peace.
We will always prioritize non-disintegration of the union, ethnic solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty.
We will oppose all forms of terrorism and expansionism that affect the sovereignty, regional security and peace of the nation.
Our party will be free from the influence of any organization, individual or political party and create our own fate.

Our party’s 12 policies:

1. Political policy
2. Economic policy
3. Education policy
4. Health policy
5. Ethnic affairs policy
6. Farmer affairs policy
7. Labour affairs policy
8. Youth policy
9. Women affairs policy
10. Civil servant policy
11. Religious affairs policy
12. Cultural policy
These policies are explained in detail in our party’s manifesto.

Esteemed people
Our party will cooperate with all residents with no discrimination of race or religion for the benefit of the region by working hand-in-hand with the government and will strive for 100% success in the general election on 8 November 2020.
We kindly request the people of Kachin Special Region-1 in Waingmaw, Chipwe and Sawtlaw townships and our campaign area of Ingyinyan township to use your valuable vote for our party, the New Democratic Party (Kachin), that ensures all-round regional development and practical implementation.
I wish for the people of our nation to be free from danger and possess peace of mind and good health.

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