People in Pakokku continue to receive first dose of Covid vaccine

25.10.2021 PKU News 1 1 mk
A Pakokku local aged above 55 receives vaccination.

The 3rd batch of COVID-19 vaccination to the priority groups, including the people over the age of 55, civil service personnel, monks, nuns and volunteers in Pakokku Township, Magway Region, continued yesterday morning.
A total of 225 people were vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease yesterday in Pakkoku and department officials, charitable organizations, volunteers, and ward/village administrators collaborated for the successful immunization process. As of yesterday, a total of 24,553 people have been fully vaccinated, and a total of 10,288 people have received the first dose of the vaccine in Pakokku Township. It is also reported that plans are underway to vaccinate the rest of the people in the township, according to Chairman U Moe Kyaw of the Pakokku Township COVID-19 Prevention and Emergency Response Committee. — Salai Ko Kee (IPRD)/GNLM

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