Performance of Magway Region Government in 2nd Year in Office

Palm paraphernalia on display at the regional product competition.
Palm paraphernalia on display at the regional product competition.

By Shin Min

Magway Region Government has carried out to achieve all-round development in all socio-economic sectors of the people. In order to make sustainable development, plans are under way to support and encourage the small and medium scale enterprises, the development of health and education sectors, and conservation of natural environment.
Situated in the central part of Myanmar, Magway Region is 17305.62 square miles in area, made up of five districts, namely, Magway, Minbu, Thayet, Pakkoku and Gangaw. The five districts are made up of 30- towns, 184 wards, 1535 village-tracts and 4803 villages.
There are 925,424 households forming a population of 4,176,441 in the region, and Bamars are the majority with Chin national races residing in hilly areas. The mighty Ayeyawady River flows 240 nautical miles down Magway region from north to south. A variety of creek and small rivers originating from Chin mountain ranges, west Yoma mountain ranges and east mountain ranges flow down to the Ayayawady River. Lying 300- 1200 feet above sea level, the Magway Region is an arid region with a shortage of rainfalls.
It is Magway region which is dotted with historic pagodas such as the Shwesettaw and the Magway Myathalun and where human primates of over 40 million years had been found. The shortage of rainfalls has resulted in high unemployment in the region, compounded by poverty. This being the case, the Magway Region Government has been making all-out efforts to make significant progress in all spheres.

Water Supply
The Magway Region Chief Minister Dr. Aung Moe Nyo said, “Efforts had been made to implement some 122 tasks in the region, utilizing Ks. 563.0407 million on urban water supply facilities including sinking artesian wells for security of drinking water and rural water supply facilities including digging wells and
With the aim of improving socio-economic life of rural populace, the Magway Region Government had implemented some 398 tasks, spending Ks. 4362.6339 million on rural
water supply projects such as digging wells and lakes.
As regard to agricultural water supply, the Magway Region Government had implemented some 193 tasks including construction and maintenance of the irrigation dams and canals in the region. With a shortage of rainfalls, the region largely relies on water fed creeks and rivers such as the Ayeyawady, the Mone, the Mann, the Salin, the Yaw, the Pin and the Myinttha as well as reservoirs, lakes and natural lakes for agricultural purposes in 2nd year in office of the regional government. Apart from that, dams and embankments were renovated plus reclamation of new mechanized farmland for the agricultural development.
The extension of spillways of Ohngyi-Ohnwa dam in Pwintpyu Township was carried out to ensure the safety of local people and effective flood prevention. In the meantime, altogether many small dams and lakes were renovated with the use of Ks. 6606.22 million.
As a result, new mechanized farmland and quality species of seeds were distributed for farmers to enjoy
higher yields of crops.

Power Supply
The Magway Region Government had utilized Ks. 14.854 billion on electricity supply, utilizing Ks. 14.854 billion for some 10978 households in the 188 villages in the region. For electrification, 11 KV power line (247.353 miles), 200 11/0.4 KV transformers and 400 Voltage power line (67.637 miles) were constructed along with the replacing wooden lampposts with concrete ones. And some procedures on rural electrification have been eased, and efforts are being made for 188 villages that are not connected to the national grid to have access to solar energy plus diesel.

SMEs and Vocational Training Schools
It is of great importance to educate the local people Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in financial management to know where the wastage is. And in financing sector, they need to know a business plan as well as a sustainable plan. Some SMEs are operating without any business plan and target. Only if they have such plans and targets will their enterprises develop. Efforts should be made to promote business structure, accounting, taxation, market management, human resource management and capital management. As SMEs are major contributors to Myanmar’s economy and job creation in Magway, it is of great paramount importance to meet challenges, create business opportunities, upgrade technology and settle financing issues.
Under the management of the Magway Region Government, the 2nd MSMEs Trade Promotion was held for three days in Magway. There were totaling some 150 shops selling household goods and utensils from Magway Region, Yangon Region, Madnalay Region, Nay Pyi Taw, Chin State, Rakhine State and Shan State respectively.
Under the social security law, the rights prescribed for premiums and mobile medical unit were facilitated to seven departments. In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, the Magway Region Government had conducted a series of industrial and vocational trainings including three courses in 15 townships of five districts.

Commemoration and festivals
The Magway Region Government has reorganized the new pagoda board of trustees led by the local people, undertaking all-round development of the pagodas in a systematic manner. Necessary arrangements have been made to promote in health and security sectors for the convenience of the pilgrims.

Healthcare Centres
To be in line with two objectives of the healthcare sector—ensuring people to live long and ensuring people to be free from diseases, health awareness was given to rural people while effective prevention and treatment were provided throughout the nation. Meanwhile, some 16 healthcare centres and 96 sub-healthcare centres were built, utilizing Ks. 2239.686 million in order to undertake health activities in an effective manner. Likewise, the construction of housing units for patients’ wards and operation rooms had been built, utilizing Ks. 6718 million for the region.

Education Sector
As regards the education sector, altogether 1012 schools big and small were upgraded with the emergence of new school buildings in order to meet the set standards. At the same time, a total 230 schools were provided with 8876 desks using the funds to the value of Ks. 4678.1907 million for the convenience of school children.

Knowledge Dissemination
In an effort to educate the public with knowledge, the Magway Region Government encouraged the Civil Society Organizations, departments and social and political parties to organize talks on peace, democracy, knowledge dissemination and human resource development, workshops and assemblies. Under the MoU signed by the Ministry of Information and Daw Khin Kyi Foundation, a community center and a mobile library were opened at the office of Information and Public Relations Department in Natmauk. The aforesaid community center and mobile library became a gathering point for the civil society organizations and learning center for human resource development course.
(Translated by William Ko)

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