Stand Together Now Peace Expo held in Yangon

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Attendees and organizers pose for a photo at the 2019 Stand Together Now Peace Expo in Yangon yesterday.

Stand Together Now Peace Expo was held at Sule Square in Yangon yesterday.
The event was organized by Music for One Foundation with the aim of acquiring deeper understanding of Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs).
“Over 160 country, including Myanmar, signed an agreement in September 2015, that they will promote SDGs. But in Myanmar, there is neither SDGs day nor organization that celebrate it. Our reason for holding this event is to let the public know that everyone is responsible for SDGs” a member of Music for One Foundation said.
World Peace Day, which share the essence of today even, is held internationally from September 21st to 27th. Due to the tight budget the event was held for a day only.
“There are many organization which has to do with SDGs. But they are working separately on their own. They should all join hand. I think all of them should take part in this event. We are going to invite other organizations to let the world that Myanmar is doing their best to achieve 17 SDGs” he added.
There was talk show and concert at the event. There are 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs).—Nyi Zaw Moe
Translated by Alphonsus

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