The International Translation Day 2018

beste uebersetzungs app tBy Arakan Sein

International Translation Day is a relatively recent entry into the calendar of world events. On May 24, 2017 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring September 30 to be International Translation Day, thanks to the longstanding work of the International Federation of Translators(FIT) and its member associations including American Translators Association. The International Translation Day 2018 highlighted “ Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times.” American Translators Association celebrated International Translation Day on Friday, September 28, but not on September 30. It was for translators, interpreters and others in the language service industry. Their goal was to use the platform of International Translation Day 2018 and to raise awareness for the profession within our personal networks. They had an incredible opportunity to change the ways and the world views of translators and interpreters by being bold and sharing more about their jobs.
Debunking the unfortunate myths and misunderstandings about translation and interpreting helped pave the way to a better future for their profession, and it can start right here in their backyards.
ATA celebrated the Day in a big way on September 28 for a social media blitz on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram to promote the professions. The posts , tweets and downloadable infographics were put up for us to share with our family, friends and clients. This annual celebration is an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of translators and interpreters who endeavor to make the world a slightly smaller place by breaking down language barriers. The day is marked with a series of dedicated events , seminars and symposiums across the world.
In preparation for 2019, which has been declared the International Year of Indigenous Languages by the United Nations, the FIT council has selected: “ Translation: Promoting Cultural Heritage in Changing Times” as the theme for International Translation Day 2018. As defined by the UNESCO, the cultural heritage does not end with” monuments and collections of objects.” It includes intangible cultural heritage, such as knowledge, beliefs, and practices concerning people, nature, and our relationship with universe.
As a global community, we are seeing changes that bring previously separated cultures into face-to-face contact. As further pointed out by the UNESCO, “ An understanding of intangible cultural heritage of different communities helps with intercultural dialogues and encourages mutual respect for other ways of life.”
Sarpay Beikman—Myanmar Translation Society was founded on August 26, 1947 with its first President as Prime Minister U Nu; its purpose was to translate world culture, literature and education for the Myanmar public. The booklet on translation was published in 1950s daily and famous writers such as Thakin Ba Thaung, U Pe Maung Tin , U Thant (former Secretary-General of the UN), U E Maung and U Wun (Minthuwun) contributed more on translation. Their views are common in one thing: fluency in both languages.

Translation seminars in 1969 in Gandhi Hall and Taw Win Garden Hotel in 2015 on Pyay Road
Being a candidate in both seminars, I had a golden opportunity of listening to speeches by famous writers such as Dagon Shwemyar, Thein Pe Myint and Khin Myo Chit and other leading translators and journalists. The symposium at the Taw Win Garden Hotel which was sponsored by Taw Win foundation together with the British Council under the supervision of Pen Myanmar, the candidates were given a chance of meeting with original writers and editors of British and American
In conclusion, this is an enormous task which the government should take it seriously for translators and writers who will endenvour to write things Myanmar in order send out a vivid description of our culture and traditions to the outside world.

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