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Two security personnel died of landmine explosion in Taze

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Two security troops are assassinated in the landmine attack by terrorist groups in Taze.

Two security personnel who returned from Taze, Sagaing Region, after maintaining the situation of Ywathaya village where PDF terrorists set fire on houses and killed villagers, were assassinated in a landmine attack with several others being wounded.
According to the report on PDF terrorists who came to and blocked the village, killing villagers and burning their houses at around 4 pm on 13 December, a joint security task force went to the village to inspect the situation. Four village houses were burned down; one man (under investigation) was found dead with burn injuries; four men (under investigation) were found dead with bullet wounds and one man was injured. The villages were reportedly fleeing the village to escape the terrorists.
After maintaining the situation in the village, security personnel brought the wounded man for medical treatment and returned from the village by car. By the time they arrived near Hmanyin village, PDF terrorists detonated a landmine, killing two security troops and injuring several others.
The wounded security troops were taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment and it is reported that security forces are working together with local Tatmadaw forces to identify and take action against the perpetrators under the law. — MNA

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