We can build up a good nation with able & morally right civil service personnel

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Nowadays, news and photos of collapsed public buildings, due to poor quality and standard at the time of construction, though they were recently built are ubiquitous. With criticism and public opinions over these news and photos, good tidings that buildings under the Ministries of Education and Health will be built by the Ministry of Construction occupied social media website pages and print media. The news in fact has highlighted that bribery and corruption, poor management and supervision in building public infrastructure by using public finance led to the emergence of such buildings of poor quality and to the untimely ruins.
    Simultaneously, news about the arrests of corrupt staff are being action against was frequently found. And, we also found that there were disagreements over deeds of some staff.
    Here, civil service personnel means those from the executive pillar out of the three pillars of the State, being a major driving force for the existence of good governance. In the task of carrying out the national development after laying out policies on people’s needs and desires, civil service personnel are those who must implement mainly. This being so, good morality of every individual of staff is a very basic need and, so that they will become dignified and respected organizations for the people. Contrariwise, it is noteworthy for us that those good-for-nothing service-men who lack management skills, fail to abide by codes of practice & violate rules, regulations and disciplines are apt to gradually cause people’s trust and respect toward respective organizations, institutions and working places come to nothingness.
    With a view to improving codes of practice of civil service-men, law for civil service personnel had been enacted in 2013, with ethics for civil service personnel to follow also already promulgated.
    Ethnics include laying stress on the interest of the people, protecting wastage of public properties and finances, refraining from misappropriation of authorities conferred upon as a responsibility for one’s own sake, keeping away from exercising bribery and corruption and abstaining oneself from earning money by dubious ways, apart from legal earnings.
    In accord with the motto, “We can build up a good nation with able and morally right civil service personnel,” “Having able and morally right civil service personnel in the executive pillar” is a major necessity in building a nation. Accordingly, we firmly assume that it is a national task for us to compulsorily foster good civil service-men and to concurrently remove evil ones, for the benefit of the State and its People.
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