Yangon Region Hluttaw reviews YBS bus system

In the Yangon Region Hluttaw meeting on 24 April, 26 Hluttaw representatives discussed the YBS bus system currently in place.
“We need to improve the public transportation system and urge the regional government to be transparent to the public when laying down rules and regulations,” said U Wai Phyo Han of Yangon Constituency.
To this, Daw Kyi Pyar of Kyauktada Constituency (1) added, “Although the government implemented the current bus system with good intentions, there are still inconveniences for the public. The policy should be written inclusively with people who ride the buses, otherwise, without them, the policy will be like pouring water into sand.”
She also stated that responsible officials from YRTA should give more consideration for public end users while also encouraging the drivers and spares to adopt the new changes.
The Hluttaw Representatives also stated that at the time of implementing the new YBS system, there was no submittal to the Hluttaw nor forewarning, but only a few days notice, when modifications of systems should be reported to the Hluttaw well in advance.
The current YBS system had weak prior planning and management, resulting in insufficient vehicles during rush hours leading to jam-packed buses, representatives said.
“After abolishing the old Ma Hta Tha, we have to consider with what policy the YBS system will go forward, because the Ma Hta Tha had the Yangon Region Private Transport Act and we need to consider what legal route the new system will take. After the implementation, we have heard the voice of the public, but where is the voice of the Hluttaw? It’s not good if the voice of the Hluttaw is lost,” said U Kyaw Zaya of Dagon Myothit Constituency (2).
The Yangon Region Government introduced the new bus system on 16 January to reduce traffic jams and organise the buses, but even after three months passengers state they still face difficulties.
The current bus system still suffers from instances of overcharging, speeding by drivers, and failure of drivers to stop at appointed bus stops, similar to the old Ma Hta Tha system.
The regional Minister of Electricity, Industry, Transport and Communication Daw Nilar Kyaw said the regional government will answer questions posed today on 27 April.
On 17 February, Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein stated at a press conference in the regional Hluttaw office building that they will replace the old buses with new ones in the next three months and attempt to improve the system to international standards by the end of the year.
The regional government stated they will review the YBS system every three months and the Yangon Region Transport Authority announced it will transfer the bus lines to public hands during 2017.
According to the YRTA, there are currently 80 bus routes and 3,500 buses in place for the 2.5 million daily commuters in the country’s largest city. Yangon’s population is approximately 6 million.

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