COVID-19 infodemic requires accountability, accurate information to solve

The people in the world have been buoyed up by news that several COVID-19 vaccines are showing promising results in early trials.
The worldwide availability of the vaccine can not become in a short time as the world’s countries are trying to get it as early as possible.
It could take a significant amount of time to immunize everyone in our country. And, it is important to realize that the start of vaccination is not the end of the coronavirus pandemic.
It means that we will go a long way towards getting rip off masks and throwing out the hand sanitizer. Even if everyone is vaccinated in the country, we must heed the advice of our public health authorities as diseases can make a troubling resurgence because of vaccine resistance movements and mutation even if the vaccine is available.
When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccination and fight against the pandemic, we need to establish digital platforms which are required for vaccination and related programmes, and containment measures.
The digital platforms will be one more way to speed the vaccination and the containment programmes.
To make the vaccination process smooth and in the fight to thwart COVID-19, we need to ensure that right information and reach the people from all sectors through the online platforms or social media. Because, misinformation about COVID-19 is a serious threat to public health.
To release timely information about COVID-19 containment and vaccination process, we should take advantage of social media, especially Facebook, which is current the most popular social networking site among Myanmar youths. Why? And the number of Facebook users has increased dramatically from over 20.3 million in October, 2018 to over 27.5 million in October in 2020.
Ninety per cent of people with Internet access use Facebook in Myanmar, which means over 20 million people use it daily. More than just a platform for sharing, Facebook can create success stories and fame.
It is undeniable that social media plays an important role in the modern world, and its pages are popular platforms for sharing information.
But, there are advantages and disadvantages, or challenges, in using social media. The challenges include reporting of pessimistic news, false news, fake news, and unofficial and fake social media pages.
Anyone found spreading fake information and rumors on social media about coronavirus in the country will be punished according to the online law.
No one should be above the law regarding the vaccination programmes and our fight against the COVID-19.

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