We are like a bridge linking the people and the government

Daw Pansy Tun Thein (Executive Director of Local Resource Centre)

Daw Pansy Tun Thein 1 copy
Daw Pansy Tun Thein.

I think this is a wonderful event because all the groups that can help Myanmar’s development are here. There are development parliaments, embassies, NGOs and INGOs, and the private sector. I am grateful for the private sector being invited.
We need to listen to the voice of the people on this democratic path and working closely with community based organizations ensures you always hear what you need to hear from the people.
We are like a bridge linking the people and the government. The Myanmar Civil Society Platform for Aid and Development with its forty members brings the voice from the grassroots to events like today’s DACU meeting.
I hope the government will give more opportunities for CSOs to engage in roundtable discussions.
The meeting for the Association Registration Law in 2014 was attended by CSOs and helped create the environment CSOs needed.
We got more opportunities and gained more trust from the government and that will help Myanmar’s overall development.

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