Natural disasters cause damage and losses in states and regions

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The water level of the Sittoung river in Madauk Town, Bago Region, reached 1,214 centimetres, above the danger level of 1,070 centimetres.  Photo: Ye Myanmar (Nyaunglebin)

Following heavy rainfall in Nay Pyi Taw, Lewe Township, on 27 July 2018, the water level of the Yenilay creek rose, sweeping away a 15 ft. section of a 130-feet-long bridge connecting Bokolone Village and Yenilay Village, leading to damages worth a total of Ks3.5 million. In Zabuthiri Township, an uprooted tree fell on a lamp post and caused damage to another, leading to damages worth some Ks150,000.
In Shan State, Mongmit Township, strong water current in the Nantkri Creek due to heavy rainfall led to the collapse and sweeping away of a 70-ft. section of a 200-ft-long concrete bridge connecting Mongmit town and Kyaridagaw Village and a 270-ft-long steel cable suspension bridge connecting Kyingin village and Namtsai village. The damages are still being assessed, it is learnt.
Similarly, in Kayin State, Hpa-An Township, water inundated the low-lying areas of Krekanna Village, causing 16 households to relocate to the homes of their relatives living in higher areas. Due to the erosion of the Thanlwin River, a kitchen in Shwegun Village, Hlaingbwe Township, was swept away, causing damages worth a total of Ks150,000. The water level in the Yebote Dam in Htilone Village was 3.2 inches above the 63 inches spillway level and the overflowing water flowed into the low-lying livestock breeding zone in Thanban Village, reaching a water depth of some 4ft. A total of 4,000 chickens from seven chicken farms, 60 pigs from six pig farms and 43 goats from a goat farm had to be moved to higher grounds.

In Thandaunggyi Township, heavy rain caused the road shoulder of the Yado-Kaykaw asphalt road near Kalawta village to collapse. The earth from the collapsed road shoulder covered farmlands, causing Ks2.6 million worth of damages to crops. In Myawady Township, a 30-ft. section of a concrete bridge of the Wheyshan-Pawlaw village road collapsed, causing damages worth Ks5 million. At the entrance to Htiwa Palaw village, a 30-ft-long concrete culvert bridge on the Zayatphyukone-Htiwapalaw village connecting road was swept away causing some Ks2.5 million worth of damages.
In the same way, in Bago Region, Shwegyin township, rain caused the Sittaung River and Shwekyin creek to rise above danger levels, putting 23 wards and villages under 4 ft. of water. Some 1,772 households affected by the water had to be moved to the homes of their relatives or to monasteries, offices and schools. Due to strong winds, 23 houses in two villages in Thanatpin Township had their roofs blown off, while six houses, a chicken shed, and two sheds sheltering tractors collapsed causing some Ks17,825,000 in damages. On the evening of 27 July, heavy rain and strong winds caused 30 houses, four toilets of a monastery and a village administrative office to collapse, roofs to be blown off 184 houses, a village administrative office, a cowshed and a rice barn and a wooden bridge to be swept away causing Ks48,490,000 worth of damages.
On the evening of 27 July, heavy rains and whirlwinds led to the collapse of many houses and monasteries and their roofs to be blown away, causing damages worth some Ks200 million. A man was slightly injured and had to be treated at Bago People’s Hospital. Earlier in the day, water overflowed onto the bank of the Bago River causing water to flow up to a depth of some 5 ft. into Kanmyint village requiring 25 households to relocate temporarily to the village post primary school. In addition to this, heavy rains and the overflowing Bago River submerged Okktha Myothit (9) Ward leading to 357 households being relocated to monasteries. Yangon-Mandalay road was under one-and-a-half feet of water between mileposts 43 and 44/7 but vehicles were still plying along the road.
The water level in Kyaukkyi River rose due to heavy rain inundating four villages and wards in Kyaukkyi Township, causing 49 households to relocate to monasteries and homes of relatives. A 150-ft-long wooden bridge connecting Ma U Dan village and Ayethukha village collapsed and was swept away, causing damages worth Ks5 million. Two wards in Madauk town, Nyaunglebin Township, were also under 4 ft. of water requiring 266 households to relocate.
In Mon State too landslides caused damages worth Ks380,000. Strong winds also caused damages worth more than Ks19.3 million in Paung and Bilin townships. Water rose 3 ft. above the Mawlamyine-Yangon road between mileposts 126/4-6 and 129/0-5 leading to the temporary closure of the road. Water inundated farmlands in Thaton Township up to a depth of some 6 ft. leading to the relocation of 28 households in the farmlands.
River bank erosion in Yangon Region, Taikkyi Township, forced 17 households to relocate. The whirlwind also led to the collapse of four houses, leading to roofs being blown off in Hlegu Township. Two pagodas were also damaged. The total cost of the damages was estimated to be some Ks3,080,000.
In Rakhine State, heavy rain on 27 July submerged roads in Thandwe town wards 1, 2 and 4 under some 1 to 2 ft. of water, according to a report from the Myanmar Police Force.

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