120th birthday event of Thakin Mya held in Yangon

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Chairman of Dobama Asiayone and attendees celebrating the 120th birthday of Thakin Mya at Thakin Mya Park in Ahlone Township, Yangon on Saturday. Photo: Zaw Gyi

The 120th birthday of Thakin Mya, the Chairman of Dobama Asiayone, was celebrated at Thakin Mya Park in Ahlone Township, Yangon yesterday morning by family members of Thakin Mya and Dobama
Asiayone (New Generation) group.
In the morning, breakfast and offertories were donated to the Sayadaws as a 120th birthday donation of Thakin Mya.
After the donations to the sanghas, the attendees saluted the sanghas, people and students who sacrificed their lives for independence and democracy and observed eight seconds of silence to pray for the victims of the extremist terrorist attacks of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) in northern Rakhine State.
The chairman of the event then delivered an opening speech and Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein and U Jimmy of the 88 Generation (Peace and Open Society) delivered speeches of honour and remembrance.
U Hla Kwunt, a political researcher, then read about the political life of Thakin Mya after putting on record the birthday messages.
“Thakin Mya played a primary role in the Myanmar Independence movement. Bogyoke Aung San and Thakin Mya have no political differences and are on the same page, i.e., thinking in a similar way. This history of Thakin Mya needs to be exposed for the people to know. Another thing is the disappearance of Dobama Asiayone nowadays. The event was organised because today’s youth don’t know about what ‘Thakin’ is”, said event organising general secretary U Aung Naing.
U Ye Myint Aung, the son of Thakin Mya said “I am happy that this event is held. We were holding this event every year at our home. I am especially happy that this event was now being permitted to be held openly in Thakin Mya Park during the present government’s time. A new generation of youths need to know the path made by Thakin Mya.”
The event was attended by Yangon Region ministers, persons from political circles, invited guests and residents. Alinka Wutyi traditional music band performed songs of national pride.
The Dobama Asiayone (New Generations) will continue organising annual commemorative events of Thakin Mya and will strive toward the erection of a Thakin Mya statue in Thakin Mya Park, Ahlone Township, Yangon.


Zaw Gyi


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