Agro techniques, machinery and pedigree seeds for Maungtaw

Farmers planting seeds on the farming land in Maungtaw, Rakhine State.  Photo: A one Soe
Farmers planting seeds on the farming land in Maungtaw, Rakhine State.
 Photo: A one Soe

In an effort to improve, modernise and increase the agricultural presence in the Rakhine State, State and Union governments will provide training, techniques, machinery and high-quality seeds, it was announced yesterday.
“Concerning the agricultural sector in all of Rakhine State, there are a total of 1.2 million acres of farming land. Now that the harvest season for monsoon paddy is coming soon, arrangements are being made for farmers in Maungtaw to acquire their needs — agro-techniques, pedigree seeds and machines for harvesting and winnowing,” said U Kyaw Lwin, the minister for agriculture, livestock, forestry and mining for Rakhine State.
“In the Maungtaw region, there are over 72,000 acres of paddy plantation. So as to reap these, harvesting and winnowing machines had been carried from Yangon to Maungtaw. In reaping them, farmers will reap and winnow manually, with the government to provide farmers with machinery, seeds and techniques as much as they can.
For regional development, peace and stability is urgently needed. The Union Government, Tatmadaw, Hluttaw and State Cabinet are implementing national tranquility as the first priority, in combination with authorities concerned from management sectors. With the development of peace and stability, rule of law and creation of job opportunities will be brought about. Then, many people will come here to settle down. And the fertile land will result in many benefits.” It has been learnt that the State Cabinet is making arrangements to provide local people in the Maungtaw with agricultural needs and for breeding freshwater and saltwater fish and prawns.
To operate the Maungtaw border trade zone, a budget allotment amounting to Ks1.5 billion has been passed. Use of the budget allotment was under suspension due to the terrorist attacks. This year, at the time when up-grading of the border trade zone was arranged, the events of the terrorist attacks took place. As soon as regional tranquility can be established, the suspended implementation scheme will be resumed. —Naing Lin KyiIMG 20170730 085205 72

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