Anger, Hate Speech and Rude Words may lead to blasphemy. Beware!

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All countries in the world including our country see today battles, armed conflicts, disputes and controversies. Greed, anger and ignorance are said to be the cause of these evil deeds. To avoid these occurrences, to put it simply, we need to get rid of the said three causes. People overwhelmed by greed and selfishness are likely to try to influence and instigate ignorant or naïve people by creating fabricated stories. At that time, a feeling of hatred or anger is apt to occur in the hearts of the naïve, who are easily deceived. So, anger can be said to result from greed and ignorance. In other words, greed and ignorance result in anger.
Everything and every being have a beginning point. All do not stop at their original stages. They actually pass to the process of maturity or development. A spark which is very small in the beginning can become a flame that can destroy even a whole forest. Nowadays, a news item has been spreading on website pages. As usual, ultra-opportunists are waiting to ignite a spark of hatred among people to cause riots. Unless an attempt is successful, they will yet try again and again. Regarding this failed attempt, authorities concerned and responsible personnel have issued official clarification statements. Out of all dangers, racial and religious ones are the most sensitive and dangerous. Freedom of speech, expression and worship are our inborn human rights. We can enjoy our rights freely, without harming anyone.
It is very easy for us to upset someone. If we analyze all the conflicts happening around the world, we will find that the root causes of nearly all conflicts are concerned with religion or race. If someone is annoyed, he will respond to it, physically or verbally. At that time, he may use abusive languages. Anger causes a hate speech using rude words. These offensive words may automatically become blasphemy. In brief, greed and ignorance can be said to be the root cause, that is to say, a spark. And anger, hate speech and rude words that can burst out into blasphemy, can be likened to fuels that can change the spark into a raging inferno.
As known by all, we are trying to march towards the emergence of a federal democratic union under the leadership of our chosen government. To reach our goal, leaders of the country are striving hard to achieve national peace which is vital for achieving   development. While most of us are all struggling to eke out a living, we should notice or glance at our national brethren living in places devoid of peace and stability running for their lives. At a time when they are being displaced from their original locations, we are enjoying and dreaming of creating a better future for all of us. In fact, those displaced people are losing their future as well as their hopes. In the midst of these
circumstances, some destructive elements seem to have burning desires to create conflicts and riots. They are itching to force their offspring to go into unstable situations. We are responsible to and can overcome these scourges. So, let us avoid conflicts and disturbances by being careful of what we say and being alert not to fall for the tricks of evil-wicked minds.

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