[dropcap font=”0″]D[/dropcap]etermination means (1) The quality that makes you to continue trying to do something even when this is difficult. Fierce/ grim/ dogged determination. He fought the illness with courage and determination. They have survived by sheer determination. (2) The process of deciding something officially. (3) The act of finding out or calculating something.
Please understand DETERMINATION as follows:
* D    for    Decision
* E    for    Endurance
* T    for    Tough-mindedness
* E    for    Earnestness
* R    for    Resilience
* M    for    Mindfulness
* I    for    Integrity
* N    for    Nerves of Steel
* A    for    Altruism
* T    for    Thoughts of Accentuating the Positive
* I    for     Indomitable Spirit
* O    for    Outlasting Purpose
* N    for    Now or Never
Decision means making up your mind in terms of : Yes or No; Pros & Cons; To Be or Not to Be; To Do or Not to Do; To Have or Not to Have. Making a decision is in fact choosing an option, making a choice, following a certain way instead of other ways. For example, you can decide or make up your mind whether to be:
* Passive or Active
* Static or Dynamic
* Status quo or Change
* Reactive or Proactive
* Sink or Swim
Determination is ability to stick to a decision. It is steadfastness and strength of mind.
A person of determination is a person who has endurance of mind, enduring patience and enduring perseverance. It is said that: “The wisdom of life is to endure what we must, and to change what we can”. It is also said that “what can’t be cured must be endured”. Since the inevitable duty of living, moving and having our being is to fight, to suffer and to love, we have got to have lots of endurance and bulldog determination to make the most of our lives.
Life is not a bad of roses. Living and moving and having our being is not going to a picnic, or not doing embroidery. Life is a fight, a struggle and a tug-of-war; the test of a person is the fight he/she makes and the grit that he/she daily shows. In pursuing an active and useful life, we have got to: “Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount all difficulties to win victory.” We should nurture a FIRE in our heart, FIRE being:
* F    for    Fearlessness
* I    for    Iron Mind
* R    for    Resilience
* E    for    Endurance
A determined mind is an earnest mind. A person of determination is always earnest in mind to earn what he/she thinks he/she deserves. An earnest person is a doer, creator, fighter and giver. An earnest person lives to learn, to love, to laugh and to let go. An earnest mind is always mindful to see through the ultimate meaning of life.
Life is not a linear progression. Life has many dimensions. Life has depth, breadth and width. So also, life has pleasure vs. pain, gain vs. loss, fame vs. blame, praise vs. persecution. Life is not all breeze. It is said that there are Eight Winds, a multitude of vicissitudes in human life. So, it is imperative to be strong, determined and resilient in the journey of life.
A person of determination usually has mindfulness to be careful, heedful and thoughtful to be consistent in the pursuit of his/her calling. Such a determined person is always mindful to resolutely avoid the following factors of destruction of a good name or a good brand:
* Arrogance
* Greed
* Complacency
* Inconsistency
* Myopia
* Apathy
* Inertia
* Ignorance
A person of iron determination is also a person of integrity. Integrity is the glue that binds the determination and purpose together. Integrity means honesty, honour and harmony. A determined person who is really faithful to life and living is also faithful to PEOPLE, PLANET AND PEACE.
A determined mind knows no giving in. A person of strong determination has nerves of steel. Such a person usually has a bulldog determination of purpose. Such a person holds a big stake in his/her determination. Such a person of tremendous determination usually has FIVE HIGHS –
A person of great determination is usually a more or less selfless person. Such a character is never awfully selfish and self-serving. Such a person is not egoistic, self-centered and dogmatic. An altruistic person is never a fanatic. Such a person is reasonable, flexible, prudent, liberal and generous. He/she has a positive mental attitude and a constructive mind. He/she follows the principle of: “one for all and all for one”.
A person of high determination usually has a positive turn of mind. Such a person never has a HALF-EMPTY ATTITUDE OF MIND; he/she has a definite HALF-FULL ATTITUDE OF MIND. Such a person with a positive mindset is:
* Not a PESSIMIST who groans and moans about the fierce wind;
* Not a OPTIMIST who prays and hopes for a quiet wind; but
* Is a REALIST who adjusts the sails.
A person of rock-like determination always has an indomitable spirit. Such a person never cracks under pressure. He/she is not a quitter. They are resolutely determined to be a winner. A person of passionate determination is a fearless fighter. Such a person is tremendously determined: “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield,” as Poet Tennyson has said.
A person of iron determination has a strong and sound purpose that outlasts all obstacles and difficulties. A really determined mind has a long lasting purpose that survives and triumphs over all obstructions and hindrances. A truly determined spirit is like a lighthouse that shines even in the darkest moment of the night.
Do it now. Never procrastinate. Seize the moment. Seize the day. Opportunity never comes twice.
A determined person usually has a dedicated purpose.

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