Humanitarianism should be developed in humans

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It is virtuous of us to give humanitarian aid to people who are suffering from difficulties and hardships. At such a deteriorating period of meeting with a myriad of destruction and hardships, there can be more and more people found to have become victims due to natural disasters and man-made events, suffering a lot.
    Those victims have to be provided with humanitarian aid, regardless of race, religion and their status. In Myanmar, whose citizens hold the four cardinal virtues—Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekkha, the Union Government as well as the whole populace are always ready and willing to give aid and assistance as much as they can, of their own accord.
    It can be said to be attributed to the teachings of the religion—holding the four cardinal virtues in our minds that the government and the people are willingly and energetically helping those who are suffering without depending upon others. Though not being a country of great wealth, Myanmar is at the top of the list when it comes to making charitable donations.
    Yet, wonderfully enough, we recently heard voices in regard to Rakhine State affairs that Myanmar has been void of humanitarianism. Generosity of our Myanmar people is born out of our heart-felt feelings, so we are ready and willing to help anyone actually in trouble, regardless of race, religion and their status. It is typical of Myanmar, not to give any help to fake victims.
    Due to the attacks of ARSA extremist terrorists in Rakhine State, as known by all, local Rakhine ethnic people, Hindus and many Bengalis became victims. The government and various organizations are giving help and subsidies to those victims, without racial and religious discrimination, by holding on to the four cardinal virtues.
    But, regarding the terrorist attacks in Buthidaung, Maungtaw and Yathedaung townships, all those from 176 villages and some from 34 villages out of 471 Bengali villages in those areas fled to the neighboring country, it was learnt. They have a very good reason for fleeing under the name of refugees. In fact, they created this situation on purpose. They themselves know best why and how they created this current situation.
    The Bengalis that remained in the villages without fleeing will be given protection in accord with the law, and provided with food and necessary relief assistance though being different in race and religion. And, security measures will be made for them to live in peace. There is not one iota of truth in the allegations made by some in the international community based on fake news that appear in the social media and Youtube. Some newspapers have unfortunately fallen prey to the machinations of ARSA sympathizers. Only Myanmar people know the best themselves about Myanmar. 295 Bengali villages that never intended to flee prove the fact to be true. Those who fled will also be received after careful scrutiny in accord with the existing laws. I hereby want to claim that Myanmar is at its best in humanitarianism.
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