Myanmar enters New Year 1382 ME: Greetings of Sayadaws

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Abhidhaja Maha Ratthaguru Bhamo Sayadaw Dr Bhaddanta Kumara Bhivamsa Chairman of State Sangh Maha Nayaka Committee

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic so far. No effective medicine has been found yet to cure this disease.
There was a powerful medicine that could heal a pandemic over 2,600 years ago. It can be used very frequently with a strong belief.
A concise instruction is:
(1) Recite Yatana Sutta thrice a day
(2) Recite Metta Sutta thrice a day
(3) Contemplate the virtues of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha thrice a day.
By understanding the meanings,
(1) the Yatana Sutta must be chanted loudly and clearly in the early morning, at noon and before going to be at night.
(2) the Metta Sutta in the early morning, at noon and before going to bed at night.
(3) Take 10 rounds of beads in contemplating each the virtues of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha in the morning, at noon and before going to bed at night.
After each time of taking beads, it is better to share merits, in making wishes for the end of COVID-19 pandemic.
I also wish all the universal creatures for being healthy and wealthy.

Sitagu Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Nyanissara in Sagaing Hill
Sitagu Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Nyanissara in Sagaing Hill

In Abhidhamma treatises,
The meanings of ‘sympathy’ were thoroughly defined. One concept clarified that it is close to monitoring the lives of helpless people. It is also a careful consideration of people, regardless of colours, race and faiths.
The Abhidhamma also defined the term ‘sympathy’ as the compassion which is a noble spirit how to remove other’s suffering.
About 500,000 of Buddhist monks are extending their sympathy, verbally and mentally, to all the persons in physical and mental sufferings.
1. May all beings in suffering be free from suffering.
2. May all beings in danger be free from danger.
3. May all beings in sorrow be free from sorrow.
Our sympathy is aimed for all beings, regardless of faiths. The sympathy is not for religious faith, just a practice. It is a common way to remove universal suffering. The common enemy must be fought against with the common way. The sympathy goes beyond the religious boundary. It can be generated in any faiths. Every religious leader preached the concept of sympathy. Moreover, members of every faith are performing volunteering acts of sympathy. Therefore, the sympathy is noble spirit and is a common highway to take together in removing the suffering and sorrow of human beings.
Moreover, sympathy is also a common ground in which all the global people can coexist peacefully.
Before and during the time of Buddha, people from Magadha State and Vijji State staged wars for many times. While the Buddha was residing in Rajagaha city of Magadha State, a severe drought in Vijji State caused starvation, leading to the outbreak of various diseases. It seemed to be more severe than the Coronavirus. Poisonous air circulated in the atmosphere. People died from inhaling the air and that they had to cover their noses. Ogres and demons intruded into the residential areas. The chieftains of Vijji State failed to stop them. Finally, they had to approach the enemy king of Magadha State to invite the Buddha. They realized to face against the pandemic by declaring ceasefire as it was a common enemy. The two states consolidated for moral support of solidarity in removing the disease. The unity leads to the visit of Buddha to the Vijji State.
Due to the great sympathy of Buddha and his 500 disciples, the disease was eradicated from the state. No more poison is in the atmosphere. People could breathe in the fresh air, followed by heavy rain to clean the whole city.
May our compassionate spirit remove all suffering and sorrow of the whole world totally. May all beings be liberated from all sorrow and suffering.
May all beings be blissful like a full moon.

Rector Sayadaw Dr Nandamala Bhivamsa
Rector Sayadaw Dr Nandamala Bhivamsa

The Myanmar Era 1381 began with joyfulness, and it has ended with a shocking and terrible COVID-19 pandemic.
Every being cannot expect only pleasure. The ongoing disease has alerted miseries in our lives.
Meanwhile, the philanthropic works of Myanmar people are very impressive during the crisis.
Power of loving-kindness developed by the monks and the laypersons, their volunteering acts, physical unity and mental harmony are believed to overcome all the difficulties.
Hate, hostility, ingratitude, selfishness, jealousy and egocentric behaviour must be realized as more dangerous diseases than the ongoing pandemic.
May all the people free from all the dangers and disease as of the ME 1382 Myanmar New Year. May all beings enjoy longevity and happiness.

Dhamma Duta Ashin Cekinda
Dhamma Duta Ashin Cekinda

May all people—between the parents and their offspring, the teachers and their followers, the elder and the young persons— care about and regard each other.
May all the relatives help and support each other. May all the neighbours make trust with each other. May all the diverse communities join their hands.
May all the devotees live peacefully in accordance with the teachings of respective religions. May all people extend their loving-kindness to one another, and reach all the expected destinations beyond the challenges. (Translated by Aung Khin)

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