Myanmar issues new restrictions against visitors from countries where COVID-19 infection increases


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued new restrictions for visitors coming to Myanmar from countries where the infection rate increases amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 in various parts of the world.
According to the announcement, all travellers to Myanmar including its citizens who had stayed in or visited the USA, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark during the past 14 days will be under facility quarantine for 14 days beginning from the arrival date.
Foreign diplomats and staff of Myanmar-based UN agencies will be under isolated home quarantine for 14 days beginning from the day they reach Myanmar. Those people need to show the certificate issued by the relevant country that they are free from high body temperature, coughing and respiratory disorders before boarding the plane.
Myanmar has suspended visa on arrival and e-visa till 30 April from the date of announcement, and requested the cooperation of tour companies.—MNA (Translated by TMT)

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