Fourth-Year Performances of Mandalay Region Government

Mandalay Region Chief Minister Dr Zaw Myint Maung.
Mandalay Region Chief Minister Dr Zaw Myint Maung.

“Tampawaddy” is the name of Mandalay during Myanmar Kings, and that the scholars have accepted the land as the birthplace of the patriots, loyalists and nationalists.
In grandiose, the palace walls, the four gates and the moats still stand today as evidence of the majestic palace city, where the Kings of Konbaung Dynasty reined the country.
Splendor and pleasant in Central Region, Mandalay is the cultural heart of Myanmar where the most refined arts, traditions of dance, music and drama live on, and stand tall as the second largest city of the nation embedded as the capital of Mandalay Region.
Being the economic and commercial hub of central Myanmar, Mandalay hooks up China and India, and that the Asian Highway passed through the city.
Beginning 1 April 2016, the Mandalay Region Government rolls on in full swing on health, education, socio-economic development of the people.

Aung Myay Mandalar Residence for civil sevants in Mandalay.
Aung Myay Mandalar Residence for civil sevants in Mandalay.

In line with the policy laid down by the nation, the Mandalay Region Government (MRG) is implementing that of the national reconciliation tasks; that of the stability and peace in the country; that of the materialization of State Constitution for the emergence of democratic federal union; that of uplifting of the socio-economic life of the people.

Hand in hand with the people, the tasks in the reforms such as that of the political, economic and private sectors have been upheld as objectives in building a modern developed democratic nation.

In keeping the government departments and the organizations to be in line with the stipulations of the State Constitution, the proper management, the directive, the supervision, and the inspection are being carried out of the Mandalay Region Government.
For the sake of the socio-economic development of the people, the MRG is implementing the directives spelled out by the Mandalay Region Hluttaw.

Mandalay Urban Development
Ease and comfort of the people and the beautification of urban development, the Mandalay City Development Committee has upgraded the basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges during four years period.

Road Safety Measures
With a view to reduce traffic jam, to make proper vehicle parking, and to have road safety; a total of (1,919) “Road Side Car Parking Lots” are being designated in downtown Mandalay.
In easing the road traffics, (52) normal traffic lights or traffic signals; (50) Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System – – SCATS traffic lights; and (2) units of “Individual Loop Sensor” have been installed.
Daily surveillance records have been collected through the “SCATS system”; the “Automatic number-plate recognition – – ANPR Camera system”; 360 Degree Rotation “A pan–tilt–zoom camera – – PTZ Drone Camera”; the “e-Police Camera”; and the “Parking Traffic PTZ Camera system”.
Moreover, the Control Center has been set up by using the “SCATS Software”; “SCATS Traffic Lights”; the “Intelligent Traffic Monitor System Platform Software”; the “Red Light Running”; the “Over Lane Line”; the “Lane Provisions Violation”; the “Illegal Lane Change”; and the “Wrong Way Driving Functions”.

Water Treatment Plants
With the soft loans from ADB, the Mandalay Urban Services Improvement Project (MUSIP) is under implementation.
Water filtration typically consists of several steps in the treatment process, and the interceptor sewer that receives flow from a number of sewers and conducts the wastewater to a treatment plant. In this connection necessary treatment plants are constructed.

Sister Cities established
Mandalay and Busan of ROK have been established as sister cities by signing MOU on 15 September 2017. Medical team consisting of (25) professional from Busan of ROK had visited Amarapura Township on 27 and 28 April 2018, treated the people in rural areas and donated US$ (14,477) worth of medical supplies.

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The 33KV Switchbay of Mandalay’s Thazi Sub-power station.

Modern Development of Mandalay
(10) Anniversary 2019 of the Phoenix Arizona of USA awarded “People’s Honor” to Mandalay was held at Mandalay Convention Centre on 28 April 2019.
Mandalay has been designated as the “Most Promising Top Ten Smart Cities 2019” out of (26) cities in ASEAN countries.
A public convenience for the people including the disabled persons has been constructed in Chan Aye Thar San Township in accordance with the criterion such as the “Design & Environment System, Amenities & Facilities, Cleanliness and Safety”. It has been awarded with “ASEAN Public Toilet Awards 2019 – 2020”.
The “Asian-Oceania Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO)” has awarded “ASOCIO 2019 Smart City Award” to Mandalay for its ICT development endeavors.
Moreover, the “Govinsider Innovation Awards Committee” and the “UN Economic & Social Commission for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP)” have awarded the “Rising Star Award” for electronic innovation on 16 October 2019 at a ceremony held in Bangkok of Thailand.

Cultural Heritage
On 8 July 2019, the UNESCO inscribed Myanmar’s ancient town of Bagan, famed for its thousands of pagodas, as a World Heritage Site held in Baku of Azerbaijan.

City Development Tasks
During the four year periods, the Mandalay Region Government has carried out roads constructions with nylon asphalt / concrete/ asphalt / gravel / crushed rock materials. Bridge constructions, urban water supply and rural water supply have been carried out. Moreover, many tasks for the development of the farmers have been implemented.
During four year period, the Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department has implemented the water supply for cultivation (909) projects; the drinking water supply for (58) projects; the flood water prevention for (123) projects; (319) other related projects; (1,097) dams repair tasks; (156) lake / pond repair tasks; (33) tasks on drainage digging; totaling (2,695) projects.
Rural water supply covers (1,038) villages with (194,688) households for (966,255) people; and other (1,044) projects at the cost of MMK (11,389) millions.

Power Supply
In four years period, the Mandalay Region Government has spent MMK (52,740) millions in providing electricity to (2,976) villages. Moreover, with the NEP project and solar power system, total of (121) villages have been provided with electricity at the expense of MMK (3,993) millions.

Road Communication
During 2019–2020 fiscal year, the Department of Rural Road Development and the B.O.T Companies have implemented road/bridge repair and upgrading work including new construction with the Union Government fund amounting MMK (1,988) millions and Mandalay Region Government fund MMK (23,697) millions.

Rural Roads and Bridges
Similarly, the Department of Rural Roads Development has carried out the construction of rural roads and bridges linking the multiple villages including the natural disaster prevention projects with available funds from the Union Budget, the Region Government, and the relevant ministries.

Rural Socio-economic Development
Rural Areas Development Department has implemented many tasks for the development of socio-economic life of rural population with the available funds being granted by the Union Government, the UNICEF, the JICA, the Region Government, and the President.

Works being done under proper planning
In the “Mya Sein Yaung” village development projects, soft loans are being provided to the local rural people in enabling them to carry out agriculture, animal breeding, water supply, electricity generation, local goods manufacturing, trade and other businesses.
Furthermore, the JICA has facilitated rural water supply projects and that the Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ) has also assisted in water supply schemes.

Education Sector
During four years period, the Mandalay Region Education Department has succeeded in opening (1,008) Basic Education State High Schools; (1,027) SHS (Branches); (1,061) Basic Education State Middle Schools; (1,486) SMS (Branches); (2,085) Basic Education Post State Primary Schools; (9,822) Basic Education State Primary Schools; (303) SPS (Branches). Moreover, total (32) non- formal education (Primary Schools) have been established.

Healthcare Sector
The Public Health Department is shouldering healthcare tasks such as that of upgrading public healthcare centres; that of disease prevention; that of the treatment; and that of the rehabilitation. New constructions have been realized such as that of (9) rural healthcare centres; that of (30) rural healthcare branches.

Fighting against COVID – 19 Pandemic
Regional level “Surveillance and Responce Team – SRT” has been formed with (34) members. With the close supervision of the Mandalay Region Government, tasks such as that of the prevention of disease has been carried out in advance at places where the virus could sneaked in; that of the necessary test and confirmation are being done for the suspected patients; that of the preparation of facility quarantine are being set up; that of the release of latest news on COVID-19 have been carried out; that of the coordination and collaboration with Nay Pyi Taw and other adjoining states/regions in exchanging information are being realized.

Raising Sports Standard
In nurturing the sports stars in the Mandalay Region, the local and international sports events are being convened. Many events such as that of the “20th ASEAN Age Group Chess Championship 2019”; that of the “World 6 Red Snooker & World Team Snooker Championship 2019”; that of the 2019 6th National Cycling Tournament”; that of the “5th Takuya Taniyama Cup Karate Championship 2019” were successfully held.

December Mass Sports Activities
In December Public Mass Sports Activities, the Mandalay Region have won best activities award in 2016; again in best activities award in 2017; and consolation award in 2019.

Nurturing national sports stars
Selected sports stars have been produced in many sports categories such as the badminton; the billiard and snookers; the hockey; the swimming; and many other sports.

Housing Projects
During 2019–2020, (21) buildings with (504) rooms; (23) buildings with (552) rooms in (6) townships have been sold out to government employees including company staff members through open and transparent manners. Total of (2,000) rooms are on the agenda for the government employees during 2020–2021 fiscal years.

Assistances for Natural Disasters
In the face of natural disaster, the advanced Plan for Disaster Management has been in place which is drawn by the Region Disaster Management Department.

Foreign Investment Sector
For the regional development, counties namely the PR China; the ROK; Thailand; Singapore; and Japan have made investment in the Mandalay Region. In 2018–2019 fiscal years, total of US$ (528) million for (15) investment projects have been realized.

Myanmar citizen’s Investments
During 2018–2019 fiscal years, the investments from the Myanmar citizens have been realized MMK (321,503) millions on (16) different investment projects; 2019–2020 fiscal years received MMK (76,238) millions on (4) investments projects.

E–Government implementations
During four years period, the e-Government system has been on the agenda for pragmatic application to be spread out in the region, and that the “e-Mandalay Web Portal (” could be able to handle (140) regional level government departments.
It is formatted and designed in their scheduled tasks such as that of featuring of information; that of the services being provided with regard to the applications, rules and regulations; that of the floating of tenders and its services; that of the establishment of “Data Centre” with stage “Tier – Two” covering data and information of the Regional Government; that of the “i Route Application” showing “fire hydrant water hose points and firefighting and stations”; that of the police stations; that of the social philanthropic associations; that of the “Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)” for the e-registration on incoming and outgoing official letters and file registration including the submission of case files.
For those interested government employees, the basic computer training courses have been provided at the Computer Universities.

Complaint Letter
Total of (978) complaint letters being received through the Central Committee for Confiscated Lands Scrutinizing and Redressing have been handled properly.
Among the land cases, (80) cases have been submitted to the Central Committee for closing the cases; (185) cases are under scrutiny at regional level; (24) cases at District level; (115) cases at township level; total (324) under scrutiny; and (574) land cases to dispose off and closed down.
There are (918) direct complaint letter sent to the Mandalay Region Government; (94) cases under scrutiny at regional level; (53) at district level; (271) at township level; and that (500) land cases disposed off and closed down.

Authorization for land use
With the approval of the Central Land Management Committee, total of (352) land cases covering (787) acres have been given approval for the utilization other than cultivation in accordance with the Article 30 (a) Land Laws.

Religious Matters
The Government has conferred the Religious Titles to monks and medal of civil honours to outstanding citizens and that the Region Government has convened supplement honours.
Moreover, religious activities and appropriate events have been convened. On 21 January 2018, (20,000) members of Sanghas have been revered with cash and kinds. Furthermore, on 8 December 2019, (30,000) members of Sanghas have been revered with cash and kinds, total amounting MMK (2,150) millions.
In conclusion, all round development of the socio-economic life of the people, including the propagation of religious sphere, have been carried out in the approach of reform and relaxation of procedures.
All in all, the Mandalay Region Government is moving ahead in full swing towards the aspired goal of the nation hand in hand with the people for the emergence of a peace and modern Democratic Federal Union.
Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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