Tatmadaw launch operations against KKO splinter group in Wah Boh Taung-Kyonhtaw, Methawaw regions

THE Tatmadaw has carried out ‘combined operations’ on a motorway from Myaing Gyi Ngu to Methawaw, an area of Klo Htoo Baw Karen Organisation (KKO) splinter group led by Kyaw Thet and San Aung. The Tatmadaw claims that it is strictly adhering to the terms of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement.
The Tatmadaw has provided health care services and relief supplies to 3,874 local people who fled the areas where clashes broke out and who are now in Myaing Gyi Ngu region where they were temporarily accommodated.
With the release of statement 3/2016 which is believed to have declared the war against the State and the Tatmadaw, the splinter group shelled Tatmadaw troops on Yinn Paing bridge on the Myaing Gyi Ngu-Methawaw motorway on 3 September and conducted mine attacks, fired heavy artillery at Tatmadaw and Border Guard Force bases and exploded mines at Kawkareik fire station from 4 to 8 September.  On 11 September, the Tatmadaw launched combined operations with limited targets in Wah Boh Taung-Kyonhtaw region and Methawaw region. There were 13 skirmishes between Tatmadaw troops and the splinter group until Thursday.
The release of the statement followed a clash between the BGF and a group led by Nar Ma Kyar who kidnapped five villagers and took away two elephants on 29 August. Nar Ma Kyar was killed in the clash.
The group launched mine attacks on a military convoy carrying food between Kyondoe and Kawkareik on 21 August. Likewise, the group exploded mines near the Mahar Hpa-an garment factory in Hpa-an.
Although the regional government and Tatmadaw gave warnings to the KKO splinter group several times as the group was accused of extorting  people travelling on the Myawady-Thinganyinaung-Kawkareik motorway, the group failed to respond.
Aside from the alleged extortion, the group disturbed motorcades of the Kayin State Chief Minister and the commander.



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